The Marriage



The Marriage

by N.V. Gogol

Translation by Lucia Demetrius, reviewed by Izolda Vârsta

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Agafya Tikhonovna                           Andreea Bibiri

Arina Panteleymonovna                    Irina Petrescu

Fyokla Ivanovna                                Mariana Mihuţ

Ivan Kuzmich Podkolyosin               Cornel Scripcaru

Kochkaryov                                       Răzvan Vasilescu

Ivan Pavlovich Omelet                      Doru Ana

Anuchkin                                           Ionel Mihăilescu

Zhevakin                                            Victor Rebengiuc

Panteleyev                                         Marius Chivu

Dunyashka                                         Ana Ioana Macaria

Stepan                                                Şerban Pavlu


Directed by:                           Yuriy Kordonskiy

Sets:                                       Mihai Mădescu

Costumes:                              Maria Miu

Assistant director:                  Anca Sigartău

Photos by Paco Pascal Pamfil

High-resolution photos can be found at

Date of first performance:     20th and 21st of September, 2003

After a huge success in 2001 with Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya”, the director Yuriy Kordonskiy came back to Bulandra Theatre this year to put on stage Gogol’s “The Marriage” with almost the same team of actors. This is a theatre lesson of the best quality possible; something so rare in the city: the public laughs and cries watching the play. The directing solutions are excellent, especially the turning of a hesitant Tihonova’s monologue into an instrumental confrontation of possible fiancées, where the five actors improvise an ad-hoc orchestra: cymbals (Victor Rebengiuc), accordion (Doru Ana), flute (Cornel Scripcaru), trombone (Marius Chivu), guitar (Ionel Mihăilescu).

                                                                    Iulia Popovici (Ziua, 23.09.2003)

The director Yuriy Kordonskiy with sharp vision and imagination, together with the legendary team of actors of our nonetheless legendary Romanian theatre managed to create a show of substance. The characters have been designed as separate entities, to the point where each fiancée-to-be was characterized by a musical instrument.

Quite a wide spectrum from Marius Chivu to Victor Rebengiuc! This is a spectrum where the audience finds the diversity of human psyches. With Mihai Mădescu’s suggestive decors and Maria Miu’s excellent costumes this show is a triumph and the Bulandra Theatre “has specialized”, as actor Irina Petrescu has put it, “in Russian plays”. But not any Russian plays, only the great ones. A season that opens up with such a show, in a completely remodeled building of European standards, thanks to an art-loving municipality, is very promising.

                                         Nicolae Prelipceanu (România liberă, 23.09.2003)

“The Marriage” is a theatrical event of the season, which will remain in Bulandra Theatre’s repertoire for a long time, because the theatre-going public – the public who loves plays that unpretentiously go to the heart - loved it.

                                            Ileana Lucaciu (România liberă, 2-8.10.2003)

Yuriy Kordonskiy bewitched once again the Romanian audience. All the characters have been carefully chosen. Andreea Bibiri is an excellent Agafia Tihonovna. We must appreciate the actor Răzvan Vasilescu (the friend and bride-to-be-devil) plays in a masterly manner. Cornel Scripcaru is wonderful after his part in “Titus”. Mariana Mihuţ, as match-maker becomes the soul of the performance. Everybody is laughing when Şerban Pavlu appears.

                                        Sebastian Eduard (Jurnalul Naţional, 25.09.2003)

Spectacolele Teatrului Bulandra se adreseaza persoanelor cu varsta de peste 14 ani