The Chairs


The French Institute presents

in cooperation with Bulandra Theatre

The Chairs

by Eugène Ionesco

Translation by Vlad Zografi and Vlad Russo

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The Old Man              Răzvan Vasilescu

The Old Woman         Oana Pellea

The Speaker                Gabriel Spahiu


Directed by:               Felix Alexa

Scenography:              Diana Ruxandra Ion

Photos by Cosmin Ardeleanu

High-resolution photos can be found at

Date of first performance:     7th of April, 2004


(…) For an hour and a half I have risked to stop breathing, my heart to stop beating or me to start screaming. I didn’t saw Oana Pellea and Răzvan Vasilescuanymore, but I saw the two mad prophets of Eugène Ionesco’s despair and disgust.

Vlad Iorga (Gardianul, 09.04.2004)

(…) In view of the exigent public, Oana Pellea and Răzvan Vasilescu have played flawless, generating a cascade of applauses.

Dan Boicea (Independent, 09.04.2004)

Two great actors, Oana Pellea and Răzvan Vasilescu, are remaking gestures, they talk, get close to one another without ever finding the true cure to the void sickness that torments them. Only two have remained, yet how desperately alone they are. Felix Alexa, refusing any “metaphysical” metaphor, accumulates the attempts for communication which, irremediably, ends in the same failure. What seemed at the beginning a dialogue always ends at last in isolation. Here, the characters of Ionesco are not resigned, but they resemble more like vanquished fighters. Obsessively and without success, they try to outpace their condition and that is why their final destiny is more painful than anywhere else. The fight recommences, but defeat always lays in wait. “Try again, but always fail” – an advice stated by the great man of theatre Peter Stein. It is what Felix Alexa stages with incandescence. His “Chairs” are talking about this defeated optimism, about a hope infinitely cancelled. Ionesco wrote to Cioran: “How odd, you are cheerful yet you write sad texts, while I am sad yet I write cheerful plays”. A paradox with which “The Chairs” of Felix Alexa is confronting. 

George Banu

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