The Jester


The Jester

after A.P. Chekhov

Translation of texts by Izolda Vârsta

Stage adaptation by Niculae Urs and Horaţiu Mălăele

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Vassily Vassilich Svietlovidoff         Horaţiu Mălăele

Nikita Ivanich                                    Niculae Urs

Directed by:               Horaţiu Mălăele

Sets:                            Nina Brumuşilă

Costumes:                   Adriana Popa

Music:                         George Marcu

Photos by Cosmin Ardeleanu

High-resolution photos can be found at

Date of first performance:     27th of February, 2005

The actors are brilliant and through the mastery of their acting they make the audience to hold their breath with emotion. You can rarely feel at a performance the tensioned silence in which the public carefully listens to the reply, but also the burst of spontaneous applauses at open stage to reward some sequences. The masters of this performance are Horaţiu Mălăele and Niculae Urs.In any role you meet Horaţiu Mălăele, you can’t do anything else than to admire him. This time, however, he outclassed himself. In a skilled performance he juggled with comic and dramatic accents, passing with ease from laughter to the sadness of tears and he constructed his character (…) in a very complex manner. We discover in this performance the value of another brilliant actor – Niculae Urs. (…) The relationship between the two of them is meticulously studied, with remarkable theatrical moments. (…) For the creations of these two, the 10 mark seems too little. (…) The performance has a general movie-like feature the scenes are built form images who seem carved out of famous scenes through the functional and exceptional set of Nina Brumuşilăand the costumes of Adriana Popa. (…) The costumes, meticulously crafted, have many significant accessories. (…) And so, for the sets and costumes that were remarked by the audience due to their thorough plastics, the 10 mark seems too little. “The Jester” is a theatrical event for any spectator, even for someone who rarely goes to theatre. He will not forget it for a long time, it will amuse him greatly, but it will also impress him, making him to see the actors and their life in a different way. (…) “The Jester” remains a rich jewel of this season which, certainly, will pass in time the mark of 100 performances.

Ileana Lucaciu (România liberă, 10-16.03.2005)

Brilliant as individuals, brilliant as partners to one another, Horaţiu Mălăele– in a state of artistic vulnerability less known – and Niculae Urs – who makes a role with great delicacy and sensibility – the Actor and the Prompter, Svetlovidov and Nikita Ivanici look back sometimes in anger, sometimes with pride and sometimes with melancholy.

Marina Constantinescu (România literară, 23-29.03.2005)

The most recent performance signed by Horaţiu Mălăeleis a homage brought to the actor and to his art even if (or perhaps just because) it is based on the underlining of the laughable implied by his condition. “The Jester”, as Mălăelesees him through Chekhov’s lens, is the prototype of the dedicated artist who threw away his personal life to give everything best in him for the stage.

Cristina Modreanu (Adevărul de week-end, 03.03.2005)

Spectacolele Teatrului Bulandra se adreseaza persoanelor cu varsta de peste 14 ani