The Union of the Theatres of Europe was created in March 1990 at the initiative of Giorgio Strehler and Jack Lang, with support from the French Ministry of Culture. It is an alliance of public theatres whose mission is to contribute to the building of the European Union through culture and theatre, to encourage a collective cultural movement that breaks through language barriers in order to develop an art theatre as a conveyer of fraternity among people. The UTE promotes productions and co-productions, theatre exchanges and shared experiences, while respecting individual identities and cultures.

Every year the UTE organizes a festival of theatre productions, hosted by a different member each year. This flagship event offers a unique occasion for the diversity of European theatre production to challenge both itself and the public. The UTE organizes workshops for young actors, directors and stage designers, exhibitions of European stage designers, international conferences, and translations of contemporary plays.

Etched in continuity, the sum of these activities helps in elucidating the objectives of artistic and cultural policies that aim to reinforce artistic cooperation and transnational circulation in Europe, to further the spread of knowledge and dialogues between generations of artists and between tradition and innovation, and to encourage the mobility of artists and productions so that they may reach new audiences.

(Source: www.ute-net.org, )

Other UTE members :

  • PiccoloTeatro - Teatro d'Europa - Milano, Italia- www.piccoloteatro.org
  • Teatrul Bulandra - Bucureşti, România - www.bulandra.ro
  • Teatro di Roma, Rome Italy www.teatrodiroma.net
  • Teatrul Naţional al Greciei de Nord - Salonic, Grecia - www.ntng.gr
  • Teatro Nacional Sao Joao, Porto www.tnsj.pt
  • Teatrul Dramatic Iugoslav din Belgrad / Jugoslovensko dramsko pozoriste www.jdp.co.yu
  • Teatrul National Habimah, Tel Aviv www.habima.co.il
  • Teatrul Maghiar de Stat Cluj www.huntheater.ro
  • Teatrul National din Praga, Cehia www.narodni-divadlo.cz
  • Teatrul National din Grece, Athens, Grece www.n-t.gr
  • Maly Teatr - Sankt-Petersburg, Rusia www.maly.ru
  • Sfumato Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria http://sfumato.info
  • National Theatre of Oslo, Norway www.nationaltheatret.no
  • Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany www.schauspielhausbochum.de
  • Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany www.schauspiel-stuttgart.de
  • Comédie de Reims, France www.lacomediedereims.fr
  • National Theatre of Luxembourg, Luxembourg www.ntl.lu
  • Vígszínhás, Budapest, Hungary http://vigszinhaz.hu/en/
  • Volkstheater Wien, Austria www.volkstheater.at

Individual members :

  • Csaba Antal
  • Volker Canaris
  • Tadeusz Bradecki
  • Lluís Homar
  • Viktor Arditti
  • Silviu Purcarete
  • André Wilms
  • Declan Donnellan
  • Elie Malka
  • Giorgio Ursini

Honors :

Jack Lang, Tamás Ascher, Andrzej Wajda, Roger Planchon , Robert Sturua , Otomar Krejca


Spectacolele Teatrului Bulandra se adreseaza persoanelor cu varsta de peste 14 ani